Pharoah Ant

The name of this ant possibly arises from the mistaken tradition that it was one of the plagues of ancient Egypt. This ant, which is probably a native of Africa, is now distributed worldwide; it is one of the more common household ants in the Kansas City area and is the most difficult household ant to control.

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Pavement Ant


Pavement ants get their name because they often nest under sidewalks, driveways and building foundations. A mound of displaced soil along a paved area is probably a sign of pavement ant activity. During winters in the Kansas City area, pavement ants may nest inside structures near a heat source. They may also nest in the cracks of pavement or against building foundations.

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Thief Ant

The thief ant takes its name from their habit of nesting close to, and in some cases inside the nests of other ants, from which they steal food. They are quite common in the Greater Kansas City area.

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Acrobat Ants

There are several species of acrobat ants in the United States. The most common species in the Kansas City area is Crematogaster lineolata. Their common name is descriptive of this ant's habit of raising the abdomen over the thorax and head, especially when disturbed.

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Odorous House Ant


The pungent, "rotten-coconutlike" odor, given off when this ant is crushed, gives it is name. It is a native species and is found throughout the Kansas city area.

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Carpenter Ant

These ants get their common name from their habit of hollowing out galleries in pieces of wood for nesting purposes. This habit can result in structural damage to homes and other buildings in the Kansas City area.

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