Termites Swarming in the Kansas City Area

The termite swarming season is upon us in Kansas City.  Subterranean Termites typically swarm in the Spring and early Summer months.  Often swarming activity is preceded by significant rain followed by warm humid conditions—exactly the type of weather we have recently experienced in the Kansas City area.

Termite swarmers are the mature reproductive termites emerging, often in very large quantities, from the colony looking to pair up with a mate with the intent of starting a new colony.  The swarmers are black, winged termites that can sometime be mistaken for winged ants (which also demonstrate similar swarming behaviors).  The swarmers are not strong fliers and most of them fail in their attempt to reproduce and eventually die or become food for natural predators.  The few that succeed in pairing up shed their wings, mate and find a new location to start a termite colony.

Often a termite swarming event happens outdoors and goes unnoticed.  However, when a termite swarm occurs inside a house or office building it can be a traumatic and at the very least, messy and an annoying issue for the homeowner or building tenants.  As a homeowner, the worst thing you can do is ignore the issue and hope it goes away.  The fact is, the swarming event will go away relatively quickly.  However, the existing termite infestation isn’t going anywhere.  Also, avoid home remedies.  It isn’t helpful to spray a swarm with over-the-counter pesticides.  You may be successful in killing a few hundred swarmers but you haven’t done anything to kill the tens of thousands of termites still in the soil and you’ve only succeeded in delaying the swarming event and forced the termite colony to branch out causing a deeper infestation and greater potential termite damage to the structure they are infesting.

At the first sign of termite swarmers your best option is to contact Augustine Services, Inc. for a professional, thorough termite inspection to assess the extent of the infestation and prepare a logical treatment plan that will eliminate the entire termite colony with minimal disruption to your property.  Our termite treatments are guaranteed and warrantied for up to five years.  Our certified technicians have years of training and experience in handling termite issues and will provide you with prompt, friendly service and assurance that your biggest investment is protected from future damage.  Also, be sure to ask us about Termidor HP—the latest, most advanced termite treatment system available and exclusive to Augustine Services, Inc.

Dealing with termites, especially a swarming situation, is frustrating and can cause a lot of unwanted anxiety but, rest assured, the experts at Augustine Services, Inc. are here to provide a quick and lasting solution to your problem.  Click here or call Augustine Services, Inc. at 913-362-4399 and speak with one of our attentive staff members to schedule your free termite inspection.