After several starts and stops...

After several starts and stops, I believe Spring has truly arrived in Kansas City. This means that we should not need all that heavy Winter clothing for a few months. But before you do that, be certain that it is all clean. Why? Because there may be a number of hungry carpet beetles and clothes moths lurking in those dark closets. This would be an excellent time to ask Augustine Services to inspect and treat those closets before you put things away. While such insects will quickly attack those expensive furs and woolens, they will never turn down some nibbles on cottons and synthetics that contain traces of perspiration and body oils.

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Spring Is Here!

Spring is here in Kansas City, sort of!  While it seems to come and go, one thing is for certain – pests are here and with them the need for proper Pest Control and Termite Control.   With Spring, Augustine Services, Incorporated wishes to reach out, answer your questions and provide an on-going dialog through this blog.  We will discuss protecting your home, health and possessions from the annoyance, loss and occasional pain that can be caused by insects, rodents and other pests.

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Keep pests out of your home

Start with the outside -- your yard, garden, and other structures. Are they neat and clean? Trash and weeds cleaned up? Shrubbery properly trimmed? Firewood stored off of the ground and away from the buildings? Next, carefully examine the exterior of the house. Caulk, caulk and then do some more caulking. Keep in mind that a mouse can enter any opening through which you can poke a lead pencil. Young rats can enter any opening the diameter of a 25¢ coin.

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Current Pests Most Active in the Kansas City Area

Soon it will be winter and your pest problems are over for a few months. Bugs and other insects are all dead or hibernating, right? Wrong! Let’s talk about furry little creatures, like mice and rats. Mice are either cute – think Mickey – or ugly, depending upon your outlook. Rats are ugly – no getting around it! But both become destructive and may even spread disease. They may be cute and funny in cartoons, but we certainly don’t need them in our homes. 

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