Spring in Kansas City

Spring has been a long time coming this year, with many unwelcome stops along the way.

What does this mean to all of us? For those of us who track multi-generational pests indoors, such as cockroaches – not much. They have carried on unfazed; too often through lack of knowledge or concern. Pests which ordinarily live outdoors and merely seek indoor shelter from the ravages of winter often pop up, seemingly from nowhere, banging their heads against the inside of the windows.

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Mid-Winter in Kansas City

Here it is, mid-January in Kansas City, and seasonal pest problems should be at a minimum. But my advice is, don’t become too complacent. In most years, we experience a “mid-winter thaw” which always seems to create some surprises.

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Autumn in Kansas City

Here we are in mid-Autumn and many pest problems are behind us for a few months. But not all of them! Some that we haven’t really thought about for a while are back and, yes, there are others that we may not realize until perhaps mid-January.

Remember mice last Autumn? Well, they’re back! We often think that they invade our homes to seek shelter and warmth. This is not really the reason for seeing them in our garages and, even worse – right in the house with us. They have those neat little fur coats and warmth is not really a great concern. The real reason is that they have run out of food out of doors. They are now inside, seeking food, not shelter.

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