Don’t Assume a Flooded Carpet is a Ruined Carpet

Too many homeowners have experienced the misery of a flooded area in their home. When water covers a carpet it’s certainly not convenient but the situation might not be a dire as you think. Once the source of water is discovered, it’s important to assess if the water is clean or dirty. Clean water typically comes from a burst washing machine, a leak in the foundation or a broken pipe. Dirty water results from a backup in the sewer or washing machine drain water. Just as you might think, clean water is slightly easier to deal with, but when there is an accumulation of dirty water, this can be potentially dangerous for a number of reasons so it’s important to bring in the professionals to clean these kind of messes.

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Invest in your Home with a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Another summer is almost in the books and in many households, this month is the time for winding down summer activities and beginning preparations for children to go back to school — meaning long lists and shopping trips to stock up on pencils, notebooks and clothes for the upcoming school term. During a time of year that’s all about looking toward the future, why not take a moment to consider the importance of preparing your home for the fall and winter months ahead by scheduling a professional cleaning for the carpets?

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Late Summer in Kansas City

While we keep expecting the hot, dry “Dog Days of Summer”, we keep being surprised and blessed with magnificently pleasant weather. But nothing is stopping the insects and other pests around us. They are still looking for ways inside your home, in search of food and moisture. They are not going to stop and that means you can’t stop your efforts to keep them out. That means tightening up the doors and windows, sealing all the cracks and crevices, keep the foundation mulch free of trash and the shrubbery away from the structure. Finally, enlist the aid of Augustine Services.

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Mid-Summer in Kansas City

Well, here we go – hotter and drier outside; cooler and a bit moist indoors – just the way we like it.  So do many insect pests!

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