Prepping for Pre-Holiday Carpet Cleaning

For many, the idea of having family over for the holidays has many warm connotations, but with those expectations come a fair amount of preparation to ready your home for the arrival holiday guests. Now that the bulk of October is over and the Halloween candy is almost consumed it’s time to start thinking about what will need to be done to prepare your home for Thanksgiving guests. Before the food, family and fun commences it’s a good time to schedule a pre-holiday carpet cleaning, especially if you are hosting guests who like to crawl around on the floor and put things in their mouth.

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An Integrated Approach to Pest Management

When the weather shifts from warm to cool, humans, animals and insects alike all begin to make the necessary preparations for the colder months ahead. For humans, this may mean cleaning the gutters in preparation for the falling autumn leaves. Animals prepare by growing a thicker winter coat, and insects and pests begin to search for a warmer and drier area to wait out the cold months. Unfortunately that more comfortable place could be within the walls of your home or commercial business.

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Insulate for a Warmer House this Winter

It’s officially autumn again, a time when we wake up to dark skies and cool mornings that turn into beautiful and temperate October days. These cooler temperatures usher in some of the other telltale signs of the changing seasons such as the leaves changing colors and the appearance of additional layers of clothing. For those who love the change in the seasons, this can be a fleeting time to enjoy the moderate temperatures before they take a nosedive in a couple of months. This pause between the hot and humid and cold and wet is also the perfect time to assess the insulation needs of your home.

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Protect your Home from Insect Invaders This Fall

The promise of fall may have you looking forward to the prospect of holiday gatherings at your home with loved ones and friends for fun and fellowship. This time of year though you may find a potential for visitors to your home who aren’t as welcome and who could take up residence in your home and not leave until the warmer days of spring.

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