Rodents in Winter

In blogs such as these, we often discuss pest and termite problems in Kansas City as if they only happen around homes. But schools, restaurants, food processors, hotels and other public buildings are subject to the same problems as single- and multi-family dwellings.

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Enjoy the Winter Season, Minus the Hassle

How quickly things in the Midwest can change. Recently, our weather in the Kansas City area has gone from balmy and beautiful to bitter and biting in the blink of an eye. In the last blog we talked about how lucky we were to be able to enjoy such nice weather while the leaves were just beginning to fall. Apparently the last blast of Indian summer is now officially over with temperatures falling (gulp!) into the teens and twenties, thanks to a Canadian Arctic blast.

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Solving Holiday Lighting Headaches

Now that we are officially into Daylight Savings Time, the shift creates what feels like an earlier evening, casting a blanket of darkness across the neighborhood. Unfortunately we can’t speed up time between now and spring, but we can add a measure of brightness in the form of beautiful holiday lighting. Seasonal lighting displays designed and installed by Augustine Services can brighten up your home or business as well as the spirits of all who encounter them during the holiday season.

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Get a Jump on Fall Chores with Augustine Services

Fall is truly one of the most beautiful times of year. The trees are turning vibrant shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple and the air is crisp with a hint of the upcoming cooler weather. During this pause between the hot of summer and the cold of winter, it’s a great time to get out and enjoy all that the fall has to offer, whether that’s a walk to take in the fall leaf colors, a weekend festival, or a tailgate for college or professional football.

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