Beetles and Moths

One of the blessings of winter in Kansas City is that we think there are very few pests to deal with, right? Wrong!

You ask yourself…. what are these little reddish-brown bugs crawling around on the rolled up bag of flour in the pantry? And what were those little moth-things in that box of granola that I had to throw out yesterday? In fact, they are very common pantry pests. The little reddish brown things are either flour beetles or saw-toothed grain beetles. Most likely, those little moths are Indian meal moths – the number one pantry pest in the country.

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Warm It Up this Winter with Additional Insulation

We’re halfway through the month and there’s probably a good chance that the monthly heating bill has hit your mailbox or inbox. If you’re like many homeowners in the area, you may have been in for a bit of a shock when you saw the latest month’s bill charges. The unusually cold weather that had a combination of negative wind chills and little sunshine found many of us nudging up the thermostat in an attempt to stay warm.

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Pests Don’t Take a Holiday

The end of 2014 saw a welcome bout of nice weather, especially when you consider the winter that we had last year. Now that the New Year has arrived though, we’ve welcomed in some seriously cold temperatures. Everywhere that you look, there are signs that winter has truly set in. On most trees, the leaves have dropped and only the bare branches remain. Domesticated and wild animals are now wearing their thickest winter coats, and humans are hunkering down for the winter ahead with layers of clothing, extra blankets on the bed and a pot of something warm cooking on the stove.

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Stay Inside where it’s Warm. Let Augustine do the Work

The last of the wrapping paper has been cleared and the new calendars have all been hung up waiting for the first of the New Year. If you’re like many, the New Year is a time for changes and resolutions. Frequently, one of the resolutions that tops the list is one of simplification. So many of us long to simplify things but the act of simplification is always a little more challenging.

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