Mark S.

Dear Mr. Augustine,

Last Friday Tim Elliot and his "Apprentice" Alex Augustine visited our house for an interior and exterior inspection of our house. I thought I'd pass along to you how impressed I was with Alex's manners and also how helpful he was to Tim as the inspection went along. He did everything Tim asked very quickly and effectively and even anticipated what Tim was going to need as he inspected the bait stations. When I asked him how old he was and he said "13" I was even more impressed.

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Jean W.

I would like you to know how much I appreciate the top-notch job Harold and his assistant did in ridding my finished basement of mildew, including removing the carpet, pad and tack strip, spraying 2 applications of mildew-ridding chemical on the walls, and sealing the walls, floor, and steps with Kilz.

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Nancy G.

Augustine has given us quality service for years and all your workers have been competent. But once in a while, someone stands out from the crowd. We first noticed Tony, who did excellent work and endeared himself to our family with his kindness to my late husband and charmed us with his sense of humor. We thought he was the only star in your company.

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Steve B.

I recently had my home inspected by a representative from another pest management company. The representative was very complimentary of Augustine Services as a very reputable and professional company and said that we wouldn't go wrong with using them for our termite needs. I explained to him that we had been customers of Augustine for almost 25 years and that my wife's family has been Augustine customers for some time prior to that. He said he wasn't surprised that we've stayed with Augustine all these years given their reputation and that he certainly understood if we decided to use Augustine for our termite needs.

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